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Composite Cladding

While most cladding follows the same formula, Deckz Cladding dares to be different. Our Composite Cladding ranges are Unique & Exclusive to Deckz.

As an alternative to natural wood, Deckz offers a solution that is environmentally friendly, sustainable, and safe, but without the flaws and setbacks of natural wood products. 

In addition to its benefits over the flaws of wood, including warping, discolouration and maintenance, Deckz Cladding is different in another way. Unlike other cladding options, our cladding is CLIP-FREE. Other cladding options, both wood and composite, use expensive clips to tie everything together. Deckz Cladding is self sufficient. It does not need any clips to secure it together, and instead uses a unique design to flawlessly come together without the hassle. 

Just select your desired finish below, and this ready to install composite cladding solution can be the final touch to having your space just how you want it.

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