Composite Decking

For many years, wood decking was the only material of choice for companies looking to enhance their public spaces and homeowners looking to develop their outdoor garden space. Composite decking however has fast become the more popular solution as a strong, sustainable (eco) alternative.

The benefits of composite decking

Composite decking materials offer a number of benefits over natural wood, such as the material's level of durability, overall look and feel, as well as being incredibly low level maintenance. In fact, the wood effect decking and cladding provided by top suppliers can often be misinterpreted as wood, such as is the similarity and likeness in appearance. In terms of maintenance, unlike it's wooden counterpart, there is no need to sand, refinish or re-stain as the decking retains it's strength and doesn't weather as wooden decking does. 

What is the typical life span of composite decking?

As decking is a long term investment, the typical life-span and longevity of composite materials can be up to 50 years (or even longer) if well maintained. The only requirement being to keep the composite deck clean every few months.

In addition (being slip resistant) the composite decking solutions provided by companies such as our own at Deckz are the safest decking solution, which serves to reassure families, particularly those with children or the elderly occupying the space.

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