Why Choose Composite Decking and Cladding?

There’s no denying the lure of natural wood products. The native grains and textures are a thing of beauty. At the same time, they come with flaws and setbacks that make maintenance difficult. With Deckz composite decking and cladding products, we eliminate the flaws without compromising on the gorgeous aesthetic. 

The main disadvantage of most wood products is that because they're made from materials like pine, they aren’t dimensionally stable. They can swell, split, crack and warp. This can prove costly, and difficult to maintain, even in temperate climates like the UK. The high amounts of rain and damp, and infrequent summers can prove to be harsh on wood products. When installed correctly though, Deckz products don’t swell, split, crack or warp. They are durable, hard wearing, and will not succumb to the elements in the way that natural wood does.

When wet, wood is surprisingly heavy, adding strain to the structure. Composite products like Deckz do not absorb water, and therefore remain structurally sound and stable.

We understand that a bigger upfront cost of composite decking products can be off-putting for some, and we appreciate that while you want the best deck area for your space, this is still a huge consideration. But composite decking and cladding is a long-term investment, and the cost of maintaining a natural wood deck is far higher than the low cost of maintaining Deckz.

When it comes to upkeep, no wood product is maintenance free. Many require regular power washing, staining or painting. This can attract more heat on warm days, meaning that it can be hot to walk on, and the paint or stain may crack and dry up. Many wood products contain chemicals used to pressure treat them, which is bad for the environment, and can be harmful to inhale when cutting down or fitting. The unique composite of Deckz means it is easy to maintain and safe to fit, with no exposure to harsh chemicals. A light wash with water and soap is enough to clear any dirt that has gathered, and that’s it! If there are any scratches or damage to Deckz, it can be sanded like real wood, and restored to its original beauty too, meaning your space will always look just how you wanted it, with minimal cost or effort.

Many people are now choosing Deckz as a preferable alternative for their home or commercial space, why not contact us today and join them?

Why Choose Deckz?