About our Products

All Deckz products have been meticulously designed to produce a durable, sturdy, weather and stain-resistant product thats helpful, not harmful, to the environment.

But why is Deckz different from other composite products? Engineered through the eyes of experienced carpenters, Deckz is an eco friendly range that improves on the products already in existence. Made to two different lengths, our decking and cladding is designed for minimal waste and easy installation. And while standard decking and cladding has a film-wrapped veneer, Deckz products are 100% composite. 

What does 100% composite mean for you, as a customer? When film-wrapped products are scratched or damaged, they stay scratched or damaged. Deckz is different. Because Deckz products are composite all the way through, they can be sanded down to remove any scratches, thus restoring them to their natural beauty. 

Here at Deckz we are also safety conscious, and our products carry the option of being fire-retardant, meaning you can feel safe in the knowledge that you can prepare for the worst, while still choosing the best. 

Plus, most standard composite products come in limited colours, and will often fade over time. Being completely composite, fading on Deckz products is absolutely minimal (up to 10%), and our ranges are varied and mirror the beauty and versatility of natural wood products. 

What are our products made of? 

Each and every one of Deckz’ components has been purposefully chosen. 

Deckz products are a composite of 25 recycled, raw materials. Their predominant material is Poplar Tree wood Fibres that have been grown in North America, selected for their particularly hard-wearing qualities and strength in extreme weather conditions.

Made from a unique solid-composite grain technology, Deckz products are incredibly strong, durable, and long lasting. With no need to stain, paint, or treat, they are low-maintenance. Plus, with a wide range of finishes and designs, you’re sure to find the perfect complement to your outdoor haven. 

Why Choose Deckz?