• Moderno Composite Decking

    200mm Wide - Fully Re-sandable

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  • Fortiz Composite Decking

    150 mm wide - reversible - fully resandable

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  • Apollo Composite Decking

    200mm Wide - Natural Wood Grain

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  • Apollo Redwood Composite Decking

    200mm wide - Natural Woodgrain

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  • Secret Gardens

    deckz inspired secret garden

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  • beautiful yorkshire views

    inspired by deckz moderno decking range

  • Vintage Cladding

    Custom Gates styling Deckz Vintage range

  • bespoke workpods

    deckz inspired home offices

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  • Fortiz range

    fortiz decking & cladding used in conjunction

  • Bedroom Dorma's

    dekcz inspired dorma's fully resandable & easy to install

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  • Moderno Decking

    secret back garden escapes inspired by deckz

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  • elegant & minimalistic

    inspired by deckz

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