What is Deckz Made of?

DECKZ is a composite of 25 recycled, raw materials. Each and every one of DECKZ’ components has been purposefully chosen. Its predominant material is Poplar Tree wood Fibres that have been grown in North America, selected for their particularly hard-wearing qualities and strength in extreme weather conditions. Recycled, refined Polyethylene also makes up a large part of the composition, helping to both reduce DECKZ carbon footprint, while also retaining and enhancing its stability, and resilience.

Where can Deckz be fitted?

Deckz is incredibly versatile. This means it can be fitted in any outdoor space. From gardens, decks, balconies, and boardwalks, to apartment buildings, offices, commercial spaces, bars and restaurants and more. Due to it’s durability and strength, it can withstand commercial use, or use in a home setting.

Can Deckz be scratched or marked?

Because it is 100% composite all the way through, it is 5X more resistant than normal wood. Deckz is not easily damaged. It is able to withstand large amounts of wear and tear, however should Deckz become scratched by sharp objects such as unprotected chair or table legs being dragged across the surface, it can be sanded and therefore restored to its original beauty.

How do I clean Deckz?

Deckz’ composition means it is resistant to mould, moss mildew, and stains. It therefore requires very little maintenance. To clean, simply use a brush, some water, and a mild detergent. Avoid chemical based cleaners that may be abrasive, as these may challenge the composition of Deckz, and are not needed to clean Deckz thoroughly. For the perfect way to clean Deckz we also supply Deckz brand cleaning agent, which is made in house specifically for our products, and specialised Deckz aftercare kits. 

Is Deckz slip resistant?

Yes. Deckz is Slip Resistant. The unique make-up of Deckz means that even if it is sanded, it remains slip resistant and safe.

Can I get information on installing a Deck?

We offer personalised Deckz plans based on your space. For more information on planning and installing your products, check out the Contact Us section, and speak to us via email or phone. 

Do you offer a warranty with your products?

We are proud to stand by the excellent quality of our products, which is why we offer a 15 year residential warranty, and 5 year commercial warranty, on completion of our online warranty form. The form must be completed within 60 days of purchase.

How many boards or fixings will I need?

You can use our online calculator to find out exactly how much you will need for your space, meaning that there will be minimal wastage. Please don’ hesitate to speak to us if you have any further questions.

How much is delivery, and when will I receive my order?

Our standard delivery time is 7-10 working days, and our delivery costs can vary from postcode to postcode, so please see our pricing calculator for an exact quote. 

With there be a colour variation with the boards?

Deckz is made from 70% recycled wood, which is a natural product, and as with other natural products this means there may be a slight variation in colour. We make our products in batches, and so we endeavour to make each batch equal in colour. If you add to your project at a later date, however, the colour may change very slightly as it will be from a different batch. 

Why Choose Deckz?