Step by Step Design

Here at Deckz we know it’s not always easy to communicate exactly what you want to a seasoned, professional contractor. Or maybe you plan to fit the products yourself, and are not sure where to start?

We have a trained, in-house design team ready to help you plan, and execute your design and installation. The design plans we have available include step-by-step instructions, which provide piece of mind for you, or your contractor. They enable you to communicate your exact vision for your space, giving you more control in the process and outcome.

Choosing our design is cost effective too. While you will have the final say in the overall layout, we will provide you with the most efficient, and structurally sound way of installing Deckz in your space, saving you time and money.

Our plans and design team will equip you or your contractor with the know-how to successfully install Deckz exactly how you want them to. Get closer to having your space just how you want it.

To obtain a free personalised Deckz plan of your space, send an email to, and include:

  • Three photographs of your space (front view, and left and right side views)
  • The length, width, and height of your space
  • Your name
  • Your contact number

Why not try today and see how easy it can be?

Why Choose Deckz?