Fortiz Composite Decking

Fortiz Composite Decking

Beautiful, strong, durable composite decking.

A robust composite structure, and deep-grooved surface designs makes Fortiz about strength and durability, while still being an unmistakably sharp composite decking option.   

Fortiz is hard-wearing, with sturdiness and durability at the core of its design. Distinct, high-grip groove patterns on each side of the boards guarantee stability, while also offering complete control over the aesthetic, without compromise. These grooves are uniquely developed in another way: when used with Clipz, Fortiz boards create a perfect ridge pattern. Correctly fitted they line up perfectly, with exact and precise spacing between each and every board; a precise design making for a precise finish. 

Fortiz: Strength and beauty in precision. 

Why Choose Deckz?
  • 15 Year Warranty
  • Free Design & Fitting Plan
  • 3.6m & 4.8m Lengths
  • Quality Sustainable Materials
  • Maintenance Free
  • Cleaned in Seconds
  • Express Sample Delivery